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Last Updated: May 11, 2017 04:54PM EDT

As an administrator, you can send out notes and alerts directly from your dashboard! Any place that you have access to the internet and can log in to your dashboard, you’ll be able to send notes and alerts to your staff and families!

When you are logged in to the dashboard, click on the Notes & Alerts tab. You’ll see at the bottom that you have four different options for the type of note that you can compose. Before you begin sending notes and alerts, you’ll want to ensure that you have set the email address for any and all replies!

Setting the reply email address:

On the Notes & Alerts page, click the blue "Change Reply To" button.

Then, enter in the email address that you wish all replies to be sent to at your school. Anytime a parent or family receives a daily report, photo, or note, if they click “reply” to that email, this email address that you list will receive that reply!

Please note: Only one email address can be listed, but the address you enter changed or updated at any time!

Sending Notes & Alerts


There are four types of notes and alerts you can send, the first is email.
To send an email from your dashboard, click “email” and it should highlight in blue for you. 

First, select the recipient. Click in the box and choose who you’d like to receive the email. You can choose “All parents and staff” and it will send to every primary contact for each child and every staff member. You can choose just “Staff” or just a specific classroom. When sending to a classroom, it will be sent to all the primary contacts for each child. You can also choose multiple classrooms, by selecting one, clicking “Choose a recipient” again and select another classroom as needed.

To attach a PDF, click “Add PDF,” locate and select the file or files from your computer. You'll see them attach to your message at the bottom of the window.

Once you’re ready, click “Send email.” You will see it will appear in your “sent today” box for reference!


The second option is a text message. Recipients of a text messages cannot reply to the text, but if they try to, we'll kindly remind them to contact the school directly. This is a great place to send simple reminders out to families and staff.

To send a text from your dashboard, click “text” and it should highlight in green for you.

If a primary contact for a child or staff member does not have a mobile number listed in their profile, the text will be sent to them as an email instead. When sending a text from the dashboard, it is sent by a randomly generated number, but will have your school’s name in the subject line. When the message is complete, click “send text message.” You will see it appear in your “sent today” box for reference. Check out the example below!

Sticky Notes:

A sticky note is a one way internal communication tool that you can use to send a note directly to your teachers/staff via their classroom devices. This is a great place to send quick updates to your teachers, such as “Mia’s mom called - she’s picking up at 2PM today” or, "Sarah, can you please cover Ally's lunch break at 1:15?"
To send a sticky note, click “sticky note” and it should highlight in orange for you.

You will want to choose which classroom or classrooms need to receive this note. Once you type the message, click the green “send sticky note.” This note will pop up as a notification directly on your teachers’ classroom devices. For each device you will want to make sure you have notifications enabled in order for the teachers to receive this pop up notification.

Emergency Alerts:

To send an emergency alert, click “emergency alert” and it should highlight in red for you. Your message can be 130 characters in length. The characters are limited because we want to ensure that we can fit the whole message into one text, and also leave space to include an "Urgent" tag to let parents and staff know that your message is important. 
You can only send one emergency alert every 5 minutes.

Emergency alerts will be sent to every primary contact and staff member in two forms: email and text. An example text message is below.

Pre-Scheduling a Message 

If you'd like to set up a message to be sent at a later date, you can do this by going to the Notes & Alerts tab, entering your message and selecting the date and time you'd like that to send beneath the text box.

To edit a pre-scheduled note, look to the right and select the "Scheduled" button. Then click to edit/cancel any note.

On that scheduled page, you will also be able to open and edit or delete messages that were scheduled for later.

Opting Out of Text Messages

If you have a parent who would like to opt out of receiving text messages, they can reply STOP to the first or any message received via text and they will no longer receive those text messages. Please note that this will also apply to emergency alerts sent via text as well.

Referencing Notes & Alerts Sent

Anytime a note or alert is sent, it is stored for reference. On the right side, you’ll see the “sent today” column. This will show you all of the notes and alerts sent for today.

Please note that when parents add drop off notes for a child, a sticky note will automatically be sent to the classroom teachers alerting them of this drop off note. For additional information on this click here.
You can use the calendar right above, to change the date to reference previous notes and alerts sent as well.

Sending a note to one individual family

If you wish to send an email or text to one specific family, you can do this from the attendance page of your dashboard.

When you click on a child’s icon, you’ll see the option to “send note.”  Click send note and you’ll have the option for email or text.

This will allow you to send an email, with a PDF if needed, to the child’s primary contacts.

You can also select text, and this will send a text to the primary contacts. If no mobile number is listed, the primary contacts will receive the message as an email instead.

Any time you send a note directly to an individual child, it will also be stored for reference in the “sent today” column on the notes/alerts page of your dashboard, as well as the, "Notes" category in the child's portfolio.

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