Adding/Editing Staff Information

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 03:44PM EST

From your dashboard, you’ll be able to add, delete, and make changes to any employee at any time! Every teacher at you school and member of your administrative team should have their own profile!

If you need help resetting a password, visit this link:

Adding Teachers

From the attendance page of your dashboard, click “add employee.”

Then, you’ll add their name, select their role as “teacher”, and choose your location. Next, you will assign them to a specific classroom. You will also have the option to add a pin code, email address, and phone number.

If they are a “floater” teacher, you may want to assign them to the classroom that they typically start their day in 

You will see you have the option to assign a pin code. The pin codes are used to ensure that only that teacher can clock him/her self in for the day via the app. This step is optional! If, you need additional information, click “more help” in the yellow box and it will explain this process in more depth. If you do not want teachers to have pin codes, leave this box blank! You can always assign them at a later time if needed.

If you add an email address, the teacher will be able to receive alerts via that email address and will also have the option to obtain a web login as well. As soon as you add an email address, you’ll see “allow web login”. If your teachers need a login to access their account from home for lesson planning purposes, you will need to check this box!

This web login gives them access to a limited dashboard, as shown below. They can only view the classroom they are assigned to, and can only see lesson plans, daily reports, and portfolios for their classroom. This is a secure and limited login. It does not give them administrator login capabilities.

Please Note: Once you add the email address and check allow web login, the teacher will receive a welcome email that will take them through the steps of establishing a password. If they forget or do not receive the email, they can use the “forgot password” to set that password as well.

If the teacher or staff member leaves, you can delete their profile as well, clicking the red “delete” button at the bottom right!

Adding Administrative Members

You can have as many people set to administrator as needed. This will allow each member of your administrative team to have their own login credentials to the dashboard.

Assigning Role

When adding these administrative team members, their role will need to be set as either center or account admin. Center admin will give them access to your location and school. Once you select, center admin, you’ll assign the specific location if needed.
If you have multiple locations under your account, and need access to all locations, you’ll want to set it as account admin! Assigning a pin code is optional. You will want to make sure you have an unique email address assigned for this person.

Once you click create, this person will receive the welcome email and will get to set the password for his/her account!

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