How do I assess children in Tadpoles?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017 06:42PM EST

Completing assessments based on customized goals:
Once you've entered your customized goals (directions on how to enter those here!) you have the opportunity to assess children within Tadpoles. With this, little milestones can be recorded any time, which significantly reduces the stress when assessment time comes around! You can record growth using text alone or using text along with a photo. We'll walk you through each option, as well as how to assess children quickly on the web.

Let's get started!

Creating observational assessments using photos:
Having a camera within reach at any moment means that teachers can capture and keep photographic records of children's important developmental milestones.
On the app, navigate to the, "Share" screen & take a photo of a child doing an awesome activity!

On the left side, identify which child you've photographed. This will bring up a group of boxes containing the subject areas you've created. You'll want to choose the one that pertains to what the child is doing in the photo.

Once you've selected your domains, click the blue, "Add notes and goals" button above the boxes. Then, select, "Portfolio" in the top right corner, as we'll want this observation to go straight to this child's portfolio.

From here, you can type your observation and gauge how the child is progressing by selecting a level of achievement under the goal. 

Your finished product will look like this:

Click, "Add to portfolio" in the bottom right and you're all done! 

You can view (and edit!) these assessments online on

Completing assessments using text (without photos):

From the, "Share" screen, tap, "Note" in the bottom right corner.

All of your children will pop up on the left side, select the one you'd like to record an assessment for.

Once you've selected the child, you can identify which subject areas you're assessing. I've chosen perception! Once you make your selections, click the blue, "Add notes and goals" button.

This will bring you to one final screen, which asks you to write a personal note. Here, you can type your observation and gauge how the child is progressing by selecting a level of achievement under the goal.

Click, "Add to portfolio" in the bottom right and you're all done! 

Viewing & editing assessments in the app:

To view a child's full assessment within the Tadpoles app, swipe to the attendance screen and select a child. Then, tap "Assess."

This will pull up the child's assessment. You'll automatically be placed into your current assessment period, but if you'd prefer to review an old assessment, feel free to choose a different period on the right. Once you're on the assessment you'd like to view/edit, select a subject area to work on.

Once you select a subject area, you'll be able to see any and all goals that are associated with that subject. If you've completed any ratings or sent a photo with one of these goals attached, you would see that data here. (Note: Only the most recent photo attached to a goal displays here. To view all attached photos, visit as a teacher or administrator to view the child's portfolio).

To add a new rating, just tap the space under the appropriate heading. For example, to mark the child as "Improved" on the second goal, you would tap where the arrow suggests, below.

To add a photo to this objective, tap the + button to the right of the goal. This will open the camera. You can take a new photo or upload one from the camera roll. 

Once you've taken/uploaded the photo, press the green "Add photo" button in the bottom right. Your photo will upload to the child's portfolio (it won't be sent to parents or the daily report) and should display immediately for you on the child's assessment.

You can also add customized comments to this section of the assessment by clicking "Add teacher comments" beneath the goals. 

To go back, press the X in the top left. You'll be back at your "Subject area screen" and you can select a new area to view/edit.

Viewing & editing assessments online:

You can view (and edit!) these assessments online on


Completing assessments online: 

Both teachers and administrators have the ability to record assessments online. To get started, you'll need to log into

Navigate to the, "Portfolio" tab.

Choose the child you'd like to assess. The first thing that pops up will be the assessment tab of that child's portfolio.

Here, you'll be able to see all of the subject areas and goals you've entered, as well as any previously created observations.

To complete the assessment, just click the section under the appropriate level of progress for each goal.

You can even add notes to a specific section by clicking, "Add teacher comments" at the bottom.

You can continue to gauge progress and add notes for as long as you'd like! (Feel free to take small breaks for chocolate. You're totally awesome & definitely deserve it). Then, if you'd like, you can just close out of the child's portfolio and select someone new to assess. 

How to print completed assessments:

When parent-teacher conference time rolls around, you've always got the ability to pull up a child's assessment on the computer. However, if you have a family that would like a paper copy to hold onto, here's how to make that happen!

On the dashboard, navigate to the portfolio tab.

Select the child whose assessment you'd like to print & click, "Print report" in the top right corner.

This will pull up a nice print view & you can just push print! :)

Please note: When you are trying to print the assessments, if the photos and/or progress bars are not showing, please try the following steps
  • Open the dashboard in Google Chrome if possible
  • Select “Print Report” and choose your preference for the photos
  • Within print preferences, click “more settings” and ensure “background graphics” is checked

Saving as a PDF
Instead of printing a child’s assessment data to share with the family, you can save it is as PDF to be emailed directly to them! This will help you continue becoming completely paperless!
From the print preview screen, click “change.”


Then, select “Save as a PDF.”

Click "Save" and the document will save to your computer. 

Once your document is saved, you can attach the PDF to an email to send it, or send it through Tadpoles as a note! To learn how to email this document to the family directly from your dashboard, click here.

Wondering how to set up these goals? Or how to use them to write lesson plans? Read this! 

Have a question? Reach out to our support team anytime at

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