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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 04:19PM EST

Within Tadpoles, you're able to enter meals which are pushed down to the daily reports of children in attendance that day.

Topics covered:
Adding meals
Stopping specific rooms from receiving meals

Adding meals:

To get started, log into and go to the "lesson plans" tab. If you'd like to add a meal for just one specific room, you can select that room along the top, but in most cases, you'll want to select the "All" option, so your entries go to all rooms*.

(*Rooms with the stages "infant" and "any age" do not receive meals)

Select the date (in the future) that you'd like to enter meals for on the calendar, then click "Add Meal" on the right side. 

Once you've clicked the "Add Meal" button, a box will open, allowing you to select the meal you'd like to enter and add the food items. 


Meal selection: Select the meal you're about to enter.

Foods: Add a food item in the first box. To add another food, click the "Add Food" button. This will create a new box for you to continue typing.

All/Most/Some/None: You'll also notice the ability to select the amount of food that the children ate. Any selection you make will publish down to the children's daily reports along with the food item. Teachers are also able to customize those amounts right from the app for each individual child, so don't feel obligated to enter them now! In most cases, you'll leave this blank, but some schools will mark every item as "All" under the assumption that the children have eaten everything. Teachers can edit those amounts on their classroom device if necessary. 

Notes: You're welcome to leave this blank, or add any relevant notes. These notes will accompany the meals on the children's daily reports. Some schools use this to denote vegetarian options. For example, if most students are having toast and sausage for breakfast, you could clarify by adding a note saying, "Vegetarian menu: toast, black bean sausage links."

If you're finished and don't want to add any more meals, click "Save and Close." To add a new meal, click, "Save and Add New."

You're done! You'll see the items you've entered under the meals section of the lesson plan for that day. When that date rolls around, all of the content you've created will push down to children's daily reports.

What if I don't want a specific classroom to receive meals?

The system is set up to exclude classrooms labeled as "Infant" and "Any Age" rooms from receiving those meals. If there's a class that you don't want to receive the menu items, you can just change their status to one of those listed above. 

To change a classroom's status, go to the attendance tab of your dashboard ( and click the room tile for the class that you don't want to receive reports. Then, select "Edit."

Under the "Stage" section, you can change the classroom to "Any Age." 

You'll know you've succeeded because the classroom tile will turn grey. 

PLEASE NOTE: This change will be accounted for in any FUTURE entries. You'll still see those meals push down to your "Any Age" class for any days that have already been entered. So if you had already entered your menu for this week, those meals would still show up on those children's reports. After you've made that stage change, any NEW meals entered wouldn't push - so essentially, if you had already entered this week, that would go into effect next week. If you run into this, you can always delete the meals from this classroom's lesson plan to avoid them pushing down to daily reports.

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