Creating Absences & Using the Planning Report

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2016 05:16PM EST

Creating Absences & Using the Planning Report:

From your dashboard, you can create an absence for a child whether it be for today, or a day in the future. Then, using these planned absences, we can run a report that will show you how many children you are expecting to have in attendance for any given week! This planning report is a useful tool when creating your employee schedule! 

Creating an absence for a child from your dashboard:

From the attendance page, select the child’s icon and then choose “out a day.”

Select the applicable reason (sick, vacation or other), then choose excused or unexcused and insert the dates needed. Those dates could be just for today, or for a future vacation/absence.
Then, click save and close.

If the dates were scheduled for the future, the next time you open up the child’s “out a day” page, you’ll see the scheduled dates listed there under “future.” At any time, you can click the “x” to delete that scheduled absence if needed.


If it is a future planned absence, when that day rolls around, the child’s icon will display the sick/vacation/excused bar along the bottom.

Guardian created absences:
When a parent enters in an absence, such as a vacation, they can choose to enter that trip starting today, or pre-program a future trip. This will allow you, the provider, to know about their scheduled vacation ahead of time! These dates will show on the child’s “out a day” page, will be noted on the planning report, and on the dates marked, the child’s icon will note they are unscheduled, with “out today,” “sick,” or “vacation.”  When a parent enters in a future absence, they can also go in and edit or delete the scheduled absence if needed as well. For additional information on the parent app and account features, click here.


Viewing scheduled absences via the Planning Report:
If you are entering in planned or future absences, we provide you with a way to view that information by classroom. This "Planning Report" is helpful in forecasting the number of students expected to have in each room for any week! 

To access this report, from the attendance page of your dashboard, click the blue "Reports" button located at the top of the attendance column on the right side.  

When the screen opens up, view the planning report by selecting students, then planning, choosing the classroom you’d like to view and the date (will be in the future) that you’d like to view. 

This will provide you with the planning report for that week, for that specific classroom. At the top of the report, you can see quickly how many children you are expecting in that classroom on any given day. This report also takes into consideration the specific schedule of each child, as you have it set in the child’s profile.

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