Adding Classroom Daily Report Entries

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2016 11:00AM EST
Adding whole class daily report entries:
From the daily report page, you of course have the ability to add information for each child. But, did you know that you add an item for your entire class at one time?

There are two places within the app where you can enter whole class information - the option you'll choose will depend on the circumstances.

Classroom Daily Report: Use this option when you only want children who are currently in your classroom to receive the entry. For example, my classroom painted today, so our smocks need to go home to be washed. ONLY the children who were in my room at the time of the activity need that note to go home, so once we're done painting, I would add a note to our classroom daily report asking parents to bring home smocks. A child in my class who was visiting next door when that activity happened (and when the note was entered), would NOT receive that entry.

Lesson Plans Section: Use this option when you want *ALL* children in that classroom who attend school that day to receive the note. For example, I want to send a note that says, "Don't forget, tomorrow is pajama day" to everyone. I would add that to the lesson plans section so that any of my children who come to school today would receive that note. 

Adding to the classroom daily report: 
From the daily report page, click on your classroom icon at the top left. At the bottom, you can see all of the items we can add. Whatever we add to our entire class, will be put on every child’s daily report that is currently checked into the classroom! Note that the system does not allow medications to be added to the whole classroom at once.

Please note:
The timing of these items is very important. When you add an item onto the whole classroom daily report, it only displays for children that are in that classroom at that moment. So, if I enter a class note on the classroom report at 7:15AM before any of my children arrive, that won't show on anyone's daily report, because no children are checked into my room to receive it. The same goes for timed entries, if I create a meal entry for my class and timestamp that to say that we're having breakfast at 9:15AM, but at 9:15AM, five of the children were still checked into the playground classroom, those five playground children wouldn't receive that item.

Adding information from the lesson plan screen:

If you would like ALL children in a classroom on a particular day to receive an entry (regardless of where they were when the item was entered), the ideal spot to enter that type of whole-class information is in the lesson planning section of the app. The benefit of using the lesson plans section is that the note will display on every child checked in that day, regardless of timing.
From the daily report screen, click the classroom button in the top left, then lessons at the top right.

Next, select the date on the left that you’d like the items to be added to the children’s daily report. You can choose today's date for entries you'd like to send on today's report, or a date in the future if you'd like to pre-enter an item to go home on a future date.

At the bottom, you can select any item that you’d like to add! You can add activities, pre-enter a snack/lunch menu, or even create a note for parents ahead of time. Any item you create will appear on the daily report for every child in this homeroom, on the date you select. 

There is also a box for the “week”. Any item you add to the week box will show up on every single daily report in that week! This is a great place to add the weekly theme if applicable!
If you need additional help with creating and entering in your lesson plans, click here!

Just like any other item that you’ve added to a daily report, you can still edit or delete this item for one particular child if needed! Just click on that child’s daily report, click on the black text of the item and you’ll be able to make any changes or delete the item entirely if needed. Again, these changes will only apply to that specific child. To make whole class changes, re-open the lesson plan section and edit the original entry by selecting the date and tapping the entry. 


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