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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2020 04:22PM EST
Parent Account & App
Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance creating a parent account, click here. If you’d like specific information about utilizing the free parent app, click here.

Can I download multiple photos at once?

Currently, there is not a way to download those photos en masse. You will need to download each photo individually. For quicker download and easier organization, you may want to try downloading those photos from the website!

What will happen to my account once my child leaves or graduates from his/her school?

Anytime a child leaves a school, or graduates from a center, you will have access to that account for 90 days. We hope this gives you enough time to download all of your favorite memories! 

I’ve tried logging in to my account, but it says “no children registered.” Why?

Typically, that means the school has not added your email address to the child’s profile or they have a different email address listed for you. If you reach out to the school, they can ensure they have the correct email you’d like to use for your parent account attached to your child’s profile. If the correct email is listed by the school, and you’re still having difficulty, reach out to us directly and we’ll help you get registered!

My child is switching schools and the new school also uses Tadpoles. What will happen to my account?
Each account for each school will remain separate. If the new school is using the same email address that you created your parent account with, you’ll see both accounts or profiles, when you login to the app or your account online. You will see a profile for the old school and the new school. These profiles will remain separate and again, you’ll keep access to the old school for 90 days. Once the 90 days has passed, you’ll only see the new school on your account.

I have multiple profiles for my child when I log into the app/website. Why? 

If your child has been enrolled in multiple schools that use Tadpoles, you'll see one profile for each school they've attended. Older profiles from schools that the child no longer attends will be automatically deactivated after 90 days. If you see multiple profiles for the same school, alert the school administration so that they can delete the profile that they're not using. 

I no longer have access to my child’s photos and memories from a school. I think the 90 days have passed. Is there a way for me to regain access to that account?

After the 90 days has passed, if you need additional time to download those favorite memories, contact your administrator to reactivate that account for another 90 days for you.

Why can’t I download all of the photos and videos of my child that I’ve received?

If the photo or video contains other children or was tagged as including other children in the classroom, those photos and videos are protected from being downloaded or saved. For security reasons, parents can only download pictures of their own individual child. 

I’d like to change the email address associated with Tadpoles? How can I change it?

The school will need to update that email address for you! Once they have changed the email address, you can merge the old parent account data to the new! You’ll login to www.tadpoles.com with the old email address, then click settings > child data > enter the new email address, once you follow the prompts, that will merge the data over to the new email address for you.

I received an email with a photo, and now that photo link does not work. How can I view that photo or video again in my email?

The links to those photos expire after 72 hours for security reasons. However, you can always log into our website or parent app to see all of your kiddo's photos, videos, notes & reports! 
If you didn't want to use the app/website, you can always click the expired photo link (just click the tadpole where the photo used to be) and there's a link there to resend the photo to yourself. Just keep in mind that, again, that link only lasts 72 hours! 

I’m trying to watch a video via the app but cannot hear the audio. How do I fix this?

Unlike some other apps, with Tadpoles Parent, your phone/iPad can't be on vibrate only mode if you want to hear the audio on videos. If you switch to your phone back to the ringer option, you’ll be able to hear that audio!

I received a notification when my child is dropped off. Why don’t I receive one when my child is picked up or checked out of school?

We send you a notification when your child is dropped off or checked into school. When your child is checked out, that triggers the daily report getting sent to you! The daily report essentially will serve as your notification of your child being checked out!

Now that I’m using the app, I would like to stop receiving the emails as well. Is this possible?

It sure is! From the app, if you click on settings, you can opt out of emails. The first setting, “receive email communications” set that to “no” and you will no longer receive the information from Tadpoles in emails, you’ll only receive it via the app. You can reverse this setting at any time!

I’m trying to download photos, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I cannot find the photos. 

It's likely that Tadpoles doesn't have access to your camera roll/gallery and therefore can't save the pictures. On an iPhone go to Settings > Privacy > Photos > Turn Tadpoles to green. On Android , go to Settings > Apps > Tadpoles > Permissions > Allow access to storage.

I used to have a variety of drop off notes to add for my child. Now, I’m only seeing “contact, meds or note” as the option. Why is this?

For a child in an infant or toddler classroom, parents have access to adding a variety of drop off notes. When a child moves on to another classroom, such as a preschool level, the drop off notes will change to just the options of “contact, meds, or note”. 

My school utilizes the texting feature of Tadpoles and I wish to not receive those text messages. How can I stop them?

If you reply “stop” to a text message received by your school via Tadpoles, you will not receive any additional texts. Please note, this will also remove your number from receiving emergency alerts via text as well. (As long as you have an email added by the school, you’ll still receive this emergency via email).

Why can’t I add drop off notes for my child?

As a parent you can add drop off notes for your child the night before, any time after 7pm via your parent account. You will also have up to 20 minutes after your child has been checked in to school to add drop off notes for that day as well. 

Have a question? Suggestion? We love hearing from you! Reach out to us any time at hello@tadpoles.com.

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