Understanding Email Delivery Labels & Delivery History

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 02:24PM EST

From your dashboard, you are able to check the status and delivery history of any daily report! Depending on the status of the child’s daily report, a specific color band or label will be showing. Use the table below to learn about the different labels and how to troubleshoot if any issues arise. Continue past the chart to learn about how to read the delivery history!

In order to receive a daily report, the contact must be set as a primary or guardian within the child’s profile. Visit here for more information! ​

To access these banners, log into www.tadpoles.com as a provider, then go to the "Daily Reports" tab. Use the date picker on the right to select the day you'd like to view.


What does it mean?
The green opened label is a great sign! It means the report was successfully delivered to all primary and guardian contacts and at least one person has opened and read the report

How can I troubleshoot?
There is no need to troubleshoot! If you are curious who opened and read it, click the icon and underneath the report, you’ll see the delivery history!


What does it mean? 
The blue delivered label means we were successful in handing off the email to the mail client. Typically, the email will be waiting in the inbox for someone to open and read the report. However, this not always the case.

How can I troubleshoot?
The delivered label means the report was delivered, that means that we were able to successfully hand the message off to that person’s mail client. The trick here is that the mail clients don’t always display the messages in the spot where people expect them, or sometimes at all. This scenario usually comes up when the parent’s spam filter is snatching up the messages before they can even display in the inbox. 

If the parent uses a non-Gmail address, the first thing to do would be to ask them to send a test email to updates@tadpoles.com and add that as a contact. This helps to whitelist our address and ensures delivery. Also, make sure they check their spam folder! 

If the parent uses Gmail, they’re likely not opening the messages because they’re being filtered out of the primary inbox and into other folders where they’re much less noticeable. Ask the parents to log into Gmail on a computer & open up their “Updates” and “Promotions” folders. For some reason, Gmail loves to sort our messages there! Once they find a Tadpoles message, they can click and drag it over to the “Primary” inbox. Gmail will ask if that’s where they always want our messages to go and they’ll click “Yes!”


What does it mean? 
The orange sent label means the daily report has been sent but we have not received a delivery receipt. For some mail providers, no delivery receipt is sent, so a “sent” label would mean it was sent and delivered.

How can I troubleshoot?
If the primary or guardian contacts received the report and found it within their inbox without any issues, then no troubleshooting is needed. 

If the primary or guardian contacts did not receive the report, use the troubleshooting steps listed above for “delivered.” 


What does it mean?
A red rejected label means the email is being rejected and cannot be delivered to the address listed.

How can I troubleshoot?

When you click on a child’s icon with this label, you’ll have the option to “unblock and resend.”  Click the “unblock and resend”. If the status changes to sent or delivered, the email was successfully sent and the problem should be fixed moving forward. If it remains as “rejected” then the email listed is invalid or incorrect. Check with the parent or guardian to ensure that address is correct.

No Email

What does it mean?
The no email label is letting you know there is not an email address listed for primary and guardian contacts for the child.

How can I troubleshoot?
From the attendance page of the dashboard, click on the child. Open up the child’s profile. Ensure that any contact listed as primary or guardian has a valid email address listed in their contact information. In order to receive a daily report, a parent must be listed as a primary or guardian in Tadpoles. If needed, you go back to the daily report, click “resend report” at the top to try sending it again to the family!


What does it mean?
The email is not being delivered because it has been marked by spam by the mail client.

How can I troubleshoot?
When you click on a child’s icon with this label, you’ll have the option to “unblock and resend.”  Click the “unblock and resend”. Check the delivery history, to ensure it was resent and delivered this time! If it shows it has been delivered, but parents do not see it in their inbox, have them check their spam folder. If they find it in the spam folder, have them move it back to the inbox to prevent it from going to the spam folder in the future.

Please note: If parents are having difficulty receiving emails, it's a great idea to have them send a blank test email to updates@tadpoles.com from their email account. This will help their mail client recognize us as a trusted contact!

If parents need additional help with finding spam/junk folders and navigating through their mail carrier settings, this article will help.

Delivery History
At the bottom of every daily report that has been sent, you’ll find a detailed delivery history, such as the one shown below!

Some common items you may see in the delivery history are defined below.

Report published on checkout: The child was checked out and because of that, the report was published and sent.

Report published manually: The report was manually published. Meaning, a teacher clicked “send now” on the daily report page of the app, or an administrator clicked “send report” from the dashboard.

Apple/Android notification sent: The primary contact or guardian has downloaded the free parent app, and receives notifications that the daily report was published.

Report resent: The report was manually resent either by a teacher or an administrator.

Report updates published: There have been changes made to the daily report since it was first sent. Therefore, an updated daily report has been sent to the primary and guardian contacts. 

Has opted out of email: This means the primary or guardian contact has downloaded and uses the parent app. Within the app, they have changed the settings to “opt of out emails” and to receive the daily report through the app only. The same steps can be reversed to opt back into email if this was done by mistake.

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