Adding/Editing Guardian Information

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2017 11:55AM EDT
To add or edit guardian information attached to each child, you will need to be looking at the child’s profile. From the attendance page of your dashboard, click on the child, and select profile, as shown below:

When looking at the child’s profile, you’ll see all of the contacts on the right side! You can click on any contact to make changes (click edit) or delete if needed. You will want to ensure that every email address listed for a primary or guardian contact is correct, or they may not receive the daily reports. To add additional contacts, click the green add button.

Please note: If your school uses a child/family management system that uploads/syncs to your Tadpoles each night, please skip to the bottom of the page for an important message about adding contacts.

For each contact, you are able to designate a “type”. The type of contact assigned to the person determines which information he/she will receive from Tadpoles. 

Here is the breakdown of the different types:

Primary: Receives daily reports, pictures, notes & alerts – anything and everything sent from Tadpoles

Guardian: Receives daily reports & pictures

Friend: Receives pictures

Medical: Receives nothing

Authorized, Emergency, other, individual and contact: Receive nothing.

* For any person marked as primary, guardian or friend, you will want to ensure you have a valid email address listed.

For schools using an external child management system:

If your school uses a child/family management system (CMS) that updates/syncs data each night to your Tadpoles, it is advisable to make changes to the contacts within that external system when possible. If you want to add extra guardians into Tadpoles who aren't already entered in your CMS, this is entirely possible - maybe grandma wants to receive the pictures or a nanny needs to get the report, but they don't need to be in CMS. Those extra guardians can be added directly to Tadpoles and wouldn't be affected by the nightly sync because they didn't originate in CMS to begin with! In this case, where you're adding entirely new guardians who don't exist in your CMS, you can add them like normal using the instructions listed at the top of this page.

Of course, it isn't always the case. When you need to make changes directly in Tadpoles to guardians already entered through the CMS, consider the following:

Each evening, we sync up with your CMS and copy the guardian information over what we have in Tadpoles. Sort of like a fresh coat of paint! If everything is the same as it was 24 hours prior, you wouldn't even notice the difference, but if you made changes locally within Tadpoles, they would be painted over in the sync and Tadpoles would revert to what's in your CMS. If your school takes part in this syncing process, you won't be able to just edit a profile that originated within existing profile, as we will overwrite that change each evening.  If you've ever wondered, "Why did that email change back?!" or, "Why did her status change back to authorized - I fixed that yesterday?!" - this is why! 

If you're in a place where you can't edit information in your CMS, but need it updated in Tadpoles (perhaps a second email address or status needs updating only in Tadpoles), you'll want to re-add the guardian in Tadpoles with a separate profile. The only trick is to that their name needs to be DIFFERENT in Tadpoles than it is in your CMS. For example, If you have an Alex Johnson entered in CMS and you add another Alex Johnson to that child's profile in Tadpoles, we'll merge the parent profiles (and then we're back to square one)! So, when you add the new guardian, just make a slight change to the name - Alexandra J, or Mrs. Johnson, or Alex Email, for example. With that, the profiles will be separate and you can edit the Tadpoles entered profile independently of your CMS sync.

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