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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 03:29PM EDT

The list of features you'll find below wouldn't be the same without you! Your questions and ideas help us to continually develop new features that make Tadpoles even better. Release notes are our way of keeping you up to date on what's new with Tadpoles. Below you'll find the most recent updates, as well as historical notes from past developments.

The latest & greatest:


Medication vial option:
"Vial" has been added to the list of medication volume options.

App version number:
The current app version number has been added to the home screen of Tadpoles Pro (visible when logged in or out). With this, you'll be able to see right from the home screen which version of the app a specific device is running.

Teacher selection for potty entries:
Users can now select which teacher assisted a child with pottying.

Classroom attendance report:
Available now, the ability to print individual weekly/monthly attendance reports for an entire classroom! These display as individual attendance reports, but allow an administrator to print them en masse. To access these, go to the attendance tab > reports (blue button, right side) > select 'students' and a classroom > click print dropdown.

Teacher deactivation & reactivation:
When a teacher takes a leave of absence with the intent to return, you will be able to deactivate and reactivate them, much like you can with children. With this, you will be able to open the teacher's profile and select a 'deactivate' button. While inactive, we'll suspend the teacher's ability to login. When you're ready to reactivate the teacher, go to the attendance tab of the dashboard, select 'staff' above the children's photos and choose inactive to view and reactivate teachers.



Historical release notes:


Ability to enter when sunscreen/insect repellent is applied:

When a teacher applies sunscreen or insect repellent, they can now quickly document the time of application, along with a note, which will appear on the child’s daily report.


Sleep check upgrades:

When a sleep check is completed, a teacher can now document the position the child is sleeping in, add a note and mark which teacher completed the check. Added 20 minutes to available sleep check intervals. 

Ability to enter medications from dashboard:

Administrators can now document medications on a child’s daily report, directly from the dashboard.

Safe sleep check report:

When teachers complete safe sleep checks within Tadpoles, administrators can now export reports on the details of those checks.

Long notes with PDFs are now readable in parent app:

With this update, a PDF sent to families with a long attached will be readable within the parent app. 


Clickable links:

Hyperlinks sent to families on Tadpoles reports will now be clickable within the parent app,  allowing the parent to tap the link and view the webpage directly.

Ability to turn off parent drop-off notes:

If your school would prefer that parents not be able to enter morning drop-off notes for their child within the parent app, that feature can now be disabled upon request.


Default parent pick-up times to PM:

When families enter a pick-up time for their child through the parent app, the time will  default to PM.


Separate parent and teacher notes:

For enhanced clarity, parent and school notes will now be separated on the provider app, parent app and emailed daily reports.

Ability to enter when sunscreen/insect repellent is applied:

Families can now document when they apply sunscreen or insect repellant to their child at home, so teachers are aware of any need to apply/re-apply during the school day.


Prescheduling notes & alerts:

From the notes & alerts tab of the dashboard, administrative users will now have the option to pre-schedule a message to be sent at a later date/time. For example, a director could pre-schedule a, “Happy Thanksgiving!” message to be sent when the center is closed. On the notes & alerts tab, you’ll notice a “Send email later” button which will allow you to select the date and time to send your message!


Attaching multiple PDFs to a message in Tadpoles:

Users will now be able to attach multiple PDF documents to a single email sent through Tadpoles. We hope this makes it easier to share important information with families without needing to send multiple messages! For more information on using the notes & alerts tool, click the link below.


Emailing pipeline enrollment groups:

With this update, users will be able to email families with children who recently toured their facility, are scheduled to start, or are withdrawing within the next 90 days. You’ll notice that these groups have been added to your available list of recipients in the notes & alerts messaging section. You can also contact those groups by clicking the “Send Note” button when viewing that enrollment status in the pipeline tab.


Meal distribution reporting:

Centers that participate in the USDA CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) will now be able to easily view a report of their meal distribution counts to simplify entry on the USDA page. For more information, click the link below.

Infant food entry updates:

    • Updated infant bottle screen to provide space for “Amount offered” and “Amount taken”

    • New options for half ounce bottles below 3 ounces (.5, 1.5, 2.5)

    • Added, “Prepared by” to infant food entry screen

    • Re-arranged fields in bottle screen so, “Prepared by” comes before, “Provided by”

    • Separated meal timers in Infant Dashboard to provide space for both bottle & food reminders


Individual child/small group lesson planning:

Want to pre-enter a small group plan without having to include all of the children? With this update, users will now be able to tag individual children in pre-entered lesson plans. Those plans will then only apply to the daily reports of identified children.


Updated “Classroom button” functionality:

Now, when you take a photo within Tadpoles and tag the whole classroom, you’ll have the option of including all children assigned to that classroom (regardless of whether or not they’re in school today), or just the children that are currently checked into that classroom currently.


Updated assessment screen:

Teachers can now look at a goal in a child’s assessment and see where they had assessed that child in a prior semester before choosing a new level.


Ability to assign curriculum by child:

In situations where a child may be learning at a different level than their peers, you can now update the set of goals by which you assess them. So, even in a room of children who mostly fall under curriculum B, you can assign one child to curriculum A and another to curriculum C, enabling you to assess children at their individual level.


Ability to customize photo expectation percentages:

On the, “Photos & Videos” screen, an administrator can see the percentage of children in each room that have been photographed today. We now have the ability to update that expectation, so if your school wants teachers to take 2 or 3 photos of each child every day, we can update those percentages to indicate when the teachers have met that new expectation. To adjust this for your school, email us at


Export 15 minute counts & trailing averages:

For those who want to dig their hands into attendance data, we’ve added the ability for users to export 15 minute counts reports, as well as trailing average reports. To do this, go to the attendance tab of the dashboard. On the right side, click “15 Minute Counts” and export to CSV! 


Parent entry notifications:
Now, when families enter information like school absences or drop-off notes, both teachers and administrators will be notified. We hope this helps you to stay up to date on all of the important information that families share with you through Tadpoles!

More information is available at the link below:

Teacher profile updates:
We’ve added fields in the teacher profiles for next physical, First Aid & CPR due dates (we’ll remind you when they’re getting close!) We’ve also added the ability to enter an email address for a teacher without giving them access to log into With this, you’ll be able to communicate with your teachers by email without allowing them to login and lesson plan. Additionally, you’ll notice new fields for teacher birthdays and notes, just like the children have! Hip hip, hooray! 

View photo destination:
In the, “Photos & Videos” tab of the dashboard, hovering over a photo, incident or note that is pending approval will display the destination of that item for easy viewing (to parents, to daily, to portfolio). 

Edit destination on photos:
Before approving a photo/incident in the, “Photos & Videos” tab, administrators are now able to edit whether that item is sent to parents by email, added to the daily report, or just placed in the portfolio. To do this, just click a picture/incident that’s pending approval and select, “Edit.” 

Approve photos through large view:
On the, “Photos & Videos” tab, if you click a photo that is pending approval and choose, “View” to see a larger version, you can now click, “Approve” right from there without having to close out and find the photo again in order to approve! 

Merging parent
Have a parent switch email addresses? Previously their child’s information would be segmented between their old and new parent accounts, with data sticking to the account that it was originally sent to. Now, after you switch their email address in your system, the parent can log into with their old parent account > Settings > Child data & follow the prompts. This will pull all of the photos/videos/notes/reports from the old account right into the new one so they can see everything in one place! 

Accidental check-outs:
Accidental check-outs (instances where a child is signed out and back in within 30 minutes) will now be displayed if you hover over the child’s name on the, “Attendance” panel of the dashboard.

Expanded email capabilities:
From the, "Notes & Alerts" tab, administrators now have the ability to email multiple rooms at one time without selecting the whole school. Just click the rooms you'd like to include!

View individual attendance records:

Each individual child’s attendance records are now available in their portfolio. Just click, "Attendance" at the top right to open a new window with their check in/check out records from their entire career at your school.

Classroom app redesign:

We have redesigned the launch screen for easy access to training materials & resources. We're super excited to announce a new layout of the opening screen, as well as some updated training resources! This new launch screen will provide a quick way to enter the demo version of the app, which has been expanded to more closely resemble an actual school. This screen also provides quick access to helpful resources like the teacher training video.


Parent drop-off:

Our most recent update to the Tadpoles Parent app brings with it a very exciting change! Within the new parent app, families will now be able to enter information about their child's morning right from their smartphone!  You can find out more details here:


Photo time:

You can now see what percentage of children have had at least 1 photo taken today in real-time as the day progresses.  If you hover over that percentage you will see a list of children that have not yet received a photo.  You can also click the remind button to send the list of children down to the teacher as a sticky note.


Future vacations:

Did a parent let you know ahead of time about an upcoming trip?  Go ahead and enter that in Tadpoles now by clicking on a child and select 'out a day'.  If you need to cancel a vacation you can do it from there as well!


Capacity planning:

Ever have a prospect call in asking for a spot.  Now on the pipeline you can see availability for each classroom.  Combine that with the new sorting by age and you can quickly see if you need to transition someone up to an older classroom.


Future attendance:

We just made a new report available on the web dashboard that will allow you to see your expected attendance for any day in the future!  This will include not only the schedules but future vacation and scheduled absences.  It does not yet include new children or graduation dates but will in a second update this week.


Individual note:

Another update to the web dashboard now includes the option to send an email or text to the parents of just one child.  If you need to send home a form or remind a particular parent you can do that by clicking on the child and selecting 'send note'.  If you need to send out a note to a classroom or the whole school you would still do that from the 'Notes & Alerts' tab of the dashboard.


Parent vacation entries:

Parents can now pre-enter & view absences within the parent app. With this update, families will be able to schedule ahead days that their child won’t be in attendance. They can then preview those absences for a full schedule of days their child will be out.

Event notifications:

If a school has, "Real-Time Updates" enabled, parents will have the ability to customize app notifications by event. Parents will be able to select which specific event they would like to receive app notifications for. For example, a parent could choose to be notified about bottles, but not diapers.

Parent app updates:
The parent app is getting a makeover & you’re the first to see the big reveal! We're super excited to offer parents a happier, more streamlined experience, as well as some neat new features! The update will be available to parents on August 31st. Click the link below to see what's new!

Transitions and check outs:
New larger buttons have been provided to avoid accidental check-outs.  After tapping on a child a new menu is provided to provide an easier selection option for the teacher.


Camera improvements:

Improvements to the camera capture and photo upload have been made with the goal of making tadpoles even faster for the teacher.  Uploads should also be much faster from the device.


Schools will now be able to create guardians with, "Emergency" and, "Other" statuses to better reflect those differences.


Live webinar series:
We’re super excited to announce the beginning of an ongoing weekly webinar series! Each week, we'll host a number of trainings for both teachers and administrators, as well as the occasional specialized training on a specific topic. The average training will consist of 45 minutes of live content-walkthrough and then 15 minutes of Q&A. This could serve as a training for new teachers, or an opportunity to brush up on new features for anyone who might want a refresher. We're super excited to get started! Follow the link below to see available dates & times and to sign up!


Payroll report:

View staff time by the week with hours added up and overtime calculated.  Just click on the reports button on the attendance view of the web dashboard to see the update.


Exporting attendance:

You can quickly export the payroll report from Tadpoles to Excel to make it easy to import into a processing program. On the dashboard, just go to Manage > Attendance Summary > Export to CSV.


Add missed times:

You can now also add times in case a teacher forgot to check-in or out completely.


Unscheduled checkins:

Did a parent drop off on an unscheduled day?  Now you will know.  We will notify the directors immediately upon check in.  This alert is based upon the daily schedule for the child.


Unscheduled children:

Our directors dashboard will now mark which children are not scheduled today and sort them to the bottom so you can easily see who is remaining to arrive!


Pipeline tours & leads:

You can now setup tours within Tadpoles to share example communication with prospective parents.  On the scheduled day, the touring child will show up in the classroom allowing you to easily send a sample daily report and photo home for the parents.  Once they visit they will show up in the visited section to easily follow up with the parent.  Just click Pipeline and then "add lead" to setup a new tour.


Copy entire week of plans:

Lesson plans can now easily be copied by the week instead of just a day.  Reuse a planned week the following year or in a class that shares plans!


Ratio alerts:

You can now manage ratios for each classroom.  Just click on the classroom and click edit.  You can enter the maximum number of students allowed for 1 or 2 teachers.  If that ratio is exceeded you will see a visual alert for that classroom on the dashboard.


Sticky notes:

Quickly send a sticky note down to a classroom instead of scribbling on those yellow scraps of paper.  Under Notes & Alerts you will see a new Sticky Note section.  Please be sure to upgrade all of your devices from the App Store to make sure you have the latest version that supports Sticky Notes.  Also, make sure Push notifications are enabled on the device under Settings -> Notification Center -> Tadpoles Pro.


Android parent app:

There is a new parent app for Android!  We are excited to beta test a new version that parents can install and provide feedback.  It is available now in the Google Play Store.


Device management report:

You can now see which devices are used in which classroom and the version each device is at.  From the web dashboard just click manage and select devices.


Training videos:

For new teachers that might have missed a training, you can now go back and watch the training video at our help site:



Assessments can now be easily done from within the app.  Just tap on a child's picture on the roster screen and select assess.  The goals and outcomes will be based on what you have setup for that specific classroom from the admin dashboard under Manage Subjects & Goals.


Name to face:

When you tap on a child's picture for Name to Face the picture is now circled to make it easier to see in the sunlight.



We couldn't think of a better title for this one!  Now on daily report entries such as diaper and bottles there is an option for a teacher to tap their picture to quickly identify who made the specific entry.  This is especially helpful for rooms with several teachers.  This feature can be configured to be required but is optional by default.  It is also available for Name to Face.


Text Messages:

From the Notes & Alerts section of the dashboard you can now send out text messages (not just for emergency alerts).  If the parent does not have a mobile number in their profile, it will send an email instead.

Printing weekly lesson plans:
Improvements have been made to the layout for weekly printing of lesson plans.  This will make it easier to post lesson plans outside the classroom!  Just go into the Lesson Plan section and select the Week box and press View Entire Week.

Sick log:
If you click on the reports section of the administrator dashboard, you\'ll notice a new, "Sick" button at the bottom. This will show you a report of all the illnesses that have occurred throughout the week, so that you may print them for your records.

There have been some changes to the portfolio! Now, if you open a child's portfolio, you can select multiple pictures to download, resend to parents or view in a slideshow!

Metrics tab:
A new tab on the dashboard called, "Metrics." This is aimed at giving you data and statistics on the way Tadpoles is used in the classroom to connect with families.  You can see stats for each class and drill in to see details easily.

Colorful calendar:
You may have noticed some colorful changes on the calendar within the online lesson planning page! Days that are colored blue are days that have had lesson plans entered, so now you can see how far ahead teachers have planned with a quick glance.

Lesson plan approval:
There is also a new feature on the administrator dashboard which allows a director to mark a particular day's lesson plans as, "Approved." Doing this turns that day green on the calendar as a reminder that this day's lesson plans have already been reviewed and given the okay!

Photo approval notification:
There is now icon on the, "Photos & Videos" tab of the administrator dashboard, denoting the number of photos and videos that are waiting for approval.

Unblock email addresses:
Administrators now have the ability to unblock an email address that is sending reports back as rejected! Under the daily reports tab, if you see a report come back as rejected, you can click on it and select, "Unblock & Resend" which will clear the blocked email address and resend that day's report!

Safe sleep:
Infant teachers now have the option to be reminded of and record safe sleep checks.  A number of states are now requiring this information to be captured during naps.  We will keep that information for you and make it available just to admins on the daily report.

Linking photos:
We wanted to make it even easier to allow your teachers to link photos to your planned activities.  There is a new screen on the device that highlights each subject area.  When selected those photos will now show right inline on the daily report instead of at the bottom.

Standardized goals:
You will notice a new option to manage subjects and goals on the lesson planning screen.  These options allow you to standardize a set of goals and select those goals within the lesson planning process.  Teachers can now select from the list of goals instead of having to type them in.  Those selections will also show on the app and within the child portfolio for parent teacher conferences.

Approval queue updates:
We now highlight all of the children in the photo.  We also show the goals selected for the photo

Daily report email updates:
If you do select a goal during the lesson plan or when capturing the photo we now include that in the email sent to parents.  This provides a wonderful way for parents to stay involved in the development of their child.

Meal times:
You can optionally record the meal time for all meals.  This will ensure the classroom meals only go onto daily reports for children in attendance at that time.

Activity times:
Teachers can input the expected time on planned activities.  This will ensure only classroom activities go onto daily reports for children in attendance at that time.

Remaining to arrive:
Previously we would show you how many children were out and how many were in.  The out number now shows you how many children are remaining to arrive based upon their schedule.  As children come and go that number should countdown to zero unless a child is not dropped off.

Auto checkout times:
Previously students would be auto checked out by 7pm if not done by the teacher to ensure daily reports are always sent.  If you would like to customize that time let us know!  This time can now be customized per school.  Staff members will continue to be auto checked out by midnight if they forget to clock out.

Teacher daily report entries:
The Daily Report screen for teachers in the App has been completely overhauled.  Entries are organized by section and we ordered the sections to be more helpful during the day.  Please update in the App Store if you have a device that has not already received this update!

Pay period for payroll report:
You can now select the start of the pay period on the payroll report instead of just seeing a calendar week!

Past assessments:
In the portfolio of a child on the web or in the app you can go back and look at assessments from prior months.  You can view a cumulative assessment for all months or just a single month at a time.


Hi-res photos:
Photo quality can now be boosted for super hi-res quality.  Reach out if you would like to turn that feature on.  We had to perform some magic so the size of the photos would not be any larger.


Have a question? Suggestion? We love hearing from you! Reach out to our support team anytime at








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