Putting your devices in demo mode

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 06:04PM EDT

The app comes pre-programmed with an example school so you can get some practice using all of the features without creating information for your real kiddos. You’ll want the devices to be set up in that demo school for training.  

The screen you’ll want to start on for training looks like this,
but it’s entirely possible that it won’t be the first thing you see when
you open the app. Just follow the steps below!


  • You may see your school name under, "Tadpoles" at the top. If so, push logout in the bottom left.
  • You may be asked to login. If so, just push X in the top left.
  • When you first open the app, you may find yourself on a, “Welcome to Tadpoles” screen. Just push, “Skip.” 

Once you find your way to the screen with those blue, purple & pink boxes, you’re golden. Three more quick steps & you’re ready.

1) Push, “Help” in the bottom right corner.

2) Push, “Tutorial” in the top right corner.

3) Push, “Skip.”

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see, “My Little Demo Kids” under the, “Tadpoles” up top. 

If you see Infants or Toddlers there, instead, just choose, “Change Class” in the bottom right & select the gray box.


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