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Last Updated: Jul 08, 2015 05:37PM EDT
Completing payroll in Tadpoles is a quick & easy way to combine your needs for accurate staff attendance and simple payroll logs.

The first step to completing payroll is to set up your staff members with a PIN in their Tadpoles profile. This code isn't mandatory for clocking in and out, but does serve as a handy authentication procedure to prove that the teachers are who they say they are when signing in! 

To set up a teacher with a PIN, click their icon on the attendance screen of the dashboard & choose, "Profile."

Then, just create a PIN for this teacher! It could be one that they choose, or perhaps the last 4 digits of their phone number, whatever you decide works best! The system will warn you if you enter a code that has already been chosen.

Once you've chosen your PINs, the teachers can begin using them to sign in. To clock into Tadpoles, a teacher will go to the roster screen of the app and tap on their face. They will be presented with a few options...

If you choose, "Clock Into Building," they will be prompted to enter their PIN.

After entering their pin, they are able to sign themselves into their classroom.

Your teachers may notice that once they are signed into their classroom, when they tap on their icon, they have multiple options to choose from. Here is a breakdown of the options and what they mean:

Clock into/out of building:
Anytime you're entering a slot of time for which you are not paid, you should clock out. For example, unpaid lunch breaks, appointments, etc, you’ll want to clock out completely. From the attendance screen, tap your icon and click, “Clock out of building.” When you return, clock in the same way you did in the morning. At the end of the day, clock out as you’re leaving to go home.
Sign out of room:
Use this button for things like potty breaks & meetings. This is to designate times when you’re still on the clock, but aren’t in the classroom.

Move Staff:
Use the, “Move Staff” button for times when you’re still on the clock, but are going to a different room. For example, if you were covering another teacher’s lunch break. 

Now that we're all clear on clocking in & out, let's look at the types of reports Tadpoles generates for you.

To access the payroll report, go to the administrator dashboard on the, "Attendance" tab and look to the right side for a blue, "Reports" button. 

When I click on that reports button, I'm able to see all of my teachers timestamps for the current week.

You'll notice the weekly totals on the right side, as well as the overtime tally (should a teacher go over the 40 hour mark). You can view this information for up to 3 years in the past by using the calendar in the bottom right and can also print this information with the green, "Print" button on the bottom.

If ever you needed to edit a timestamp, just click the box to open & edit the time. This is an ability reserved only for administrators.

Marking staff out sick or on vacation:

By clicking a specific date on the Payroll Report, you're able to mark a teacher as having been out sick or out on vacation. 

If you're scheduling a sick/vacation day for the future, just click the teacher's icon on the dashboard and choose, "Out a day."

This will pull up a window which will allow you to pre-enter a vacation or absence ahead of time! When that date rolls around, you'll see it logged in the Payroll Report automatically.

Viewing attendance bi-weekly/monthly:

There is one final option for folks who would like to see this information in a larger format. At the top of your dashboard, click, "Manage," then, "Attendance Summary."

This will pull up a window which allows you to see a full month of attendance at a time for both staff and students. Use the controls at the top to tailor the results to your needs.

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