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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2014 10:31AM EST

Tadpoles & Licensing:

Below, you'll find some information on how Tadpoles helps to keep documentation and record keeping simple & easy for schools and licensors.

All attendance logs & graphs seen below are stored within Tadpoles for 3 years after a child graduates. 


Teachers have the ability to record attendance quickly & easily within Tadpoles. Your attendance records are then stored and archived within Tadpoles. From your dashboard, you have the ability to look back at records within the past 3 years. 

To access these records, go to the Attendance tab of your dashboard & look to the right side for a blue button that says, “Reports.”

Click the, “Reports” button, then select, “Students” in the bottom left corner. You will then need to select a classroom to view via the drop-down.

If you’re wanting to look at a past date, just change the date using the calendar in the bottom right.

You are able to print this information using the, “Print” button on the bottom ofthe screen, should you ever need to have it on paper.

Attendance Summary:

You can also view & download attendance on a monthly basis from the Attendance Summary. To see this, click, “Manage” at the top of your dashboard & select,  “Attendance Summary.”

Here you can view any attendance data from the last 3 years in month sized chunks. You can also export this data to a spreadsheet, if needed. Just push the, “Download to Spreadsheet” option & then open the file with whichever program you’d like (Excel, Numbers, etc).

Parent PIN:

Some schools also require that parents sign their child in and out each day. Tadpoles can help with that, too! Each guardian & authorized pickup is set up with a PIN in their child's profile. From the opening screen of the app, they are able to enter that PIN on a securely locked screen.

Once they enter their PIN, they are able to check their child in/out with a simple tap.

This information is available to you on the dashboard, so you're able to see at what time and by whom children were checked in and out!


15 Minute Counts:

We’ve also taken this attendance data and used it to form some helpful graphs that can be handy for licensing purposes. 

On the, “Attendance” tab of the dashboard, look to the right side. First, decide which day you'd like to view. If you'd like to see information from a date in the past, select the calendar button & choose a date. Then click the red, “15 Minute Counts” button.

Behind the scenes, we’re completing classroom counts every 15 minutes - we use this information to generate this graph throughout the day so you’re able to go back and review how many children were in a specific room at a specific time. You are able to view this information for any day within the last 3 years.




You can also use Tadpoles to manage & review ratios. To set up classroom ratios, log into the dashboard & click a classroom up top - then choose, “Edit.”

Under the, “Student ratio for one teacher” enter your ratio - for example, if your ratio was 4:1, just enter, “4.” In some states, the ratios change if there are two teachers in a room at once, if this is the case for you, enter your multi-teacher ratio in the second box. If this doesn’t apply to you, just skip it! 



Once you’ve entered those details, if any of your classrooms is ever out of ratio, that box would turn red to alert you.


You also have the opportunity to view ratio information on a timeline. On the dashboard, click the, “15 Minute Counts” button & select, “Ratio” on the bottom. Here, you’re able to see any time when you had children in a room with no teachers. This can be identified as any time the graph dips below the x-axis.


Name to face:


Conducting name to face checks is simple & easy within Tadpoles. On the device, slide over to the roster screen. Click, “Actions” in the top right and select, “Name to Face.” 


Then, as you call out names & do your headcount, tap on the children that you see in your room. When you’re finished, click, “Done” in the top right.


These checks are visible on the, “Attendance” tab of the dashboard. If you hover over the name of a specific child, their name to face checks will pop right up.



Tadpoles also tracks & stores children’s transitions from room to room. To move children on the device, slide over to the roster screen. Click, “Actions” in the top right and select, “Move Class.” 


Select the room that the children will be transitioning to & then click on the children who are going to move. When you’re finished, click, “Done” in the top right.


These checks are visible on the, “Attendance” tab of the dashboard. If you hover over the name of a specific child, their transition times will pop right up.


Guardian information:

Children’s emergency contact information is available to teachers & administrators via Tadpoles. Phone numbers & guardian details are available to teachers on the device, even when you’re offline. So if a teacher takes their kiddos to the park, as long as they have their device, they have access to any contact details they may need - wifi or not.

To access contact details, go to the roster screen & click the child’s photo. Then select, “Child Profile.” Under the child’s picture, you can select any guardian’s icon to view their photo & contact details.


Questions? We love hearing from you! Reach out to our support team anytime at!

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