Step-By-Step Device & App Setup

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2014 11:44AM EDT
Welcome aboard! We're so glad to have you! Below is a detailed document on how to set up your iPads for training. We'll go through screen-by-screen so you'll know exactly what to do. It's easy - let's get started! 

Initial Setup:

Turn on your iPad by holding down the long oval button on the top of the screen for a few seconds. An apple will appear on the screen. It may take a few minutes to boot up for the first time.

Then, you'll be greeted! Swipe your finger across the bottom, from left to right, to unlock the screen and move forward.

Next, you'll connect to wifi! Select the network you'd like to use & enter the password! 

You'll be asked if you'd like location services to be turned on. You'll want to, "Enable Location Services."

How would you like to set up this iPad? (You may or may not see this screen during setup). If you do - select, "Set up as new iPad."

Next, you'll be asked about an Apple ID. You can skip this step for now - we'll come back to it in a few minutes!

The iPad will ask for your birthday. You'll need to be over 13 years of age - make sure your, "Birthdate" is at least 13 years ago! Once you've entered it, push, "Next" in the top right.

You'll be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions. When you're finished reading, push, "Agree" in the bottom right.

You'll then be asked to create & confirm a 4-digit passcode. If you choose to create one, the user will be asked to enter that 4 digit pin before they're able to use the iPad, each time they pick it up. Feel free to click, "Don't add passcode" if that sounds like a hassle! If you DO decide to create a passcode, make sure you use the same one for all of the devices! (Imagine trying to remember 15 different codes!)

The iPad will ask if you'd like to use Siri. Siri is a voice service that answers simple questions, like, "What's the weather?" Enabling Siri also allows you to dictate to Tadpoles - essentially, instead of typing out a note to a parent, a teacher would be able to use Siri. They'd push a button, speak into the device & the iPad would type for them! Choose whichever option you prefer.

Would you like to send diagnostics? This data helps Apple to determine problems with the software on the iPad. Choose to allow or disallow - whichever you'd like! 

Yay! Welcome to your new iPad!

Downloading the app:

To download the app, you'll need to open up the App Store, it's a blue icon. Tap to get started.

The app store will ask you if you'd like to download their standard apps. Click, "Not now" in the top right.

In the top right corner, you'll see a search bar. Tap on it and type in, "Tadpoles." Then click, "Search."

The app called, "Childcare by Tadpoles" is the one you'll want. It's free to download. Just tap on the, "Free," then again on, "Install."

You'll be asked to sign in - do you already have an Apple ID set up for your school? Click, "Use Existing Apple ID." If you need to set one up, we'll walk through it now! Click, "Create New Apple ID."

Creating an Apple ID:

You'll be asked to select your country - once you've chosen, push, "Next" on the bottom.

Then you'll be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions. Once you're finished reading - click, "Agree."

You'll be asked to input your email, choose a password, select your security questions & enter a birthdate (you'll need this to be at least 13 years of age!) Make sure you write all of this information down in a safe spot! If you'd like, feel free to unsubscribe from the Apple newsletters by clicking on the toggle switches so that they turn gray. When you're finished, push, "Next."

You'll then be asked for your credit card information. You do not have to input this - you can choose, "None" at the bottom. You'll need to input your billing address (school address) and phone number on the bottom.

You're done! You'll be asked to verify your Apple ID email. If you check your email, you should see something like this. Just click, "Verify now" to move forward! 

Once Tadpoles is finished downloading, it should show up on your main iPad screen. If you don't see it, put your hand on the iPad and swipe your fingers towards the left side (as if turning a magazine page) to slide over. You should see the Tadpoles Pro icon! 

Getting Tadpoles ready for training:

We have a pretend school built into our app so that teachers are able to explore the app freely during training. We'll walk through how to get into that demo school so you're ready to go once we start training!

When you open the app for the first time, it will likely bring up a, "Welcome to Tadpoles" screen. While you're there the app will ask you if you'll allow it to make use of the microphone. You'll want to click, "OK" (so we can record sound on the videos you record in the classroom!) The app will also ask you if Tadpoles can send you push notifications. You'll want to allow this, also, so that we can send you important notifications when necessary.

Once you've navigated all of the popups, click, "SKIP" to skip over the tutorial. 

This will bring you to a screen with lots of colorful boxes. At the top it should say, "Tadpoles - My Little Demo Kids." There should be pictures rotating through the center square. Once you're here, you're ready for training!

Help! My screen is blank! (or) It's asking me to log in!

No worries! If the screen is asking you to log in, push the X in the top left corner. 

This will bring you to the blue, purple & pink opening screen, but it will be blank. To get into the training data, start out by pushing, "HELP" in the bottom right.

A new screen will pop up, push the red, "TUTORIAL" button in the top right.

You'll see the, "Welcome to Tadpoles" screen. Push, "SKIP" in the bottom left.

You're back in action! :) You should see, "Tadpoles - My Little Demo Kids" at the top.

With that, you're ready for training! 

For more details about setting up restrictions on the devices, click here.

We're so excited to have you on board! If you have questions, contact our support team anytime at!

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