Managing Lesson Planning Subjects & Goals

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 03:59PM EST


Creating customized subjects and goals sets you up for organized lesson plan & assessment success. It saves teachers and administrators loads of time and makes lesson planning and assessments even quicker and easier. Here, we’ll give you the keys to the kingdom.




Setting up subjects & goals:


1) Log into as a provider.

2) Navigate to the “Lesson Plans” tab.

3) Click the green “Manage subjects & goals” button, above the calendar.


Creating or editing a curriculum:

Along the left side you’ll see the pre-entered curriculums listed. You’ll probably want a curriculum for each individual age group. For example, if you have 2 infant rooms that run on different standards, you’d want to give each room it’s own curriculum, so they could use their separate standards.


4) Select the curriculum you would like to customize with goals (or, add a new curriculum by clicking the, “Add” button at the top right!)

Adding subject areas:


5) You’ll notice that once you’ve selected the curriculum, the associated subject areas pop up in a list below. Feel free to add to these with the, “Add Subject” button!

Please note: If you do not see the "Add Subject" button, it is likely that your curricula is managed by your central office. If this is the case, any changes would need to be made by corporate.


Adding developmental goals:


6) We're ready to start adding goals! To add a goal, select the subject area it fits under and click, “Add goal” on the right side. 

Please note: If you do not see the "Add goal" button, it is likely that your curricula is managed by your central office. If this is the case, any changes would need to be made by corporate.


7) Now you can enter your goal, along with any identifying code that you may need to list (T1.A2.D3).

You'll also notice a section where you can enter the "Learning Standard Hierarchy," if necessary. This section is required by a few states - if it doesn't apply to you, feel free to skip it.

8)  Then you can click, "Save and Add New" (to add another goal under the same subject), or, "Save and Close."



Continue adding goals, one at a time, until you’ve listed them all. You’ve finished your first curriculum!

Identifying which classrooms will use a curriculum:


Log into as a provider.

Navigate to the “Lesson Plans” tab.

Click the green “Manage subjects & goals” button, above the calendar.


Along the bottom, you’ll see the rooms (if any) that are already using this set of subjects and goals. To add rooms, you'll want to use the green button on the bottom bar. Depending on whether or not other classrooms are using this curriculum currently, the button might say, "Apply to Classrooms" (if it's currently unused) or "Change" (if it's already in use by a classroom). 


Select the classrooms that will be using these goals. Rooms you’ve selected will be outlined in orange. Click apply to save your changes.

Helpful Tidbits:

How to delete a curriculum:


To edit/delete a curriculum, click on it.

Click the edit button next to the curriculum name.

A box will pop up - feel free to change the name or delete the curriculum entirely, if it’s one you won’t be needing.

How to delete/edit a subject area:

To delete/edit a subject area, hover over it and click "edit."

From here, you can edit the name of the subject area, or delete it entirely.

Using subjects & goals in lesson planning:

Now that you've taken the time to create customized subjects & goals, your teachers have the time-saving benefit of using them to create lesson plans! 

To get started, you'll want to create a lesson plan!

Log into

Navigate to the, "Lesson Plans" tab & select a date on the calendar to plan for.

On the right side, under the Activities heading, click, "Add Activity."

You'll see your customized subject areas on the left side. Select one! :) This will bring up the goals that you've entered under that specific subject area in the center column. Choose whichever one suits the activity you have in mind!

Finish writing your lesson plan & click save! Here, you'll see your lesson plan & goals. Feel free to add more lesson plans if you'd like (or, just kick back and marvel at the glory of your accomplishments). :)

Wondering how to complete assessments based on these goals? Read this!  

Have a question? Suggestion? We love hearing from you! Reach out to our support team anytime at 

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