Safe Sleep Checks

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 11:22AM EDT
Many schools & states have policies that require infant teachers to check on a sleeping child at regular intervals. Here's how Tadpoles is helping to make this easier to remember & quicker to complete! 

Completing safe sleep checks:

1) From the daily reports screen, choose a child & select, "Nap."

2) This will open up a new screen, choose the start time of the nap, but leave the end time blank.

3) Tap on the box under, "Next sleep check." The interval that you choose will program Tadpoles to remind you (on the infant dashboard) to check on the child in that amount of time. 

4) To see the countdown, slide to the roster screen and tap, "Dashboard" at the bottom.

5) This will bring up all of your children's faces. When the screen turns green behind the nap section, that means it's just about time to go ahead and do the sleep check.

6) To complete the sleep check, just tap on the child's face and select, "Sleeping safely."

7) Once you choose, "Sleeping Safely," the timer will automatically reset so that the device can remind you again! 

For administrators:

Owners and directors can view crib checks from their administrator dashboard!

1) Log into the dashboard and choose the, "Daily Reports" tab.

2) Select an infant to view their report. 

3) Sleep checks are shown next to the naps. Grey indicates a timely sleep check, red indicates a late sleep check. This data is only for administrators and is never shared with parents.

Still have questions or ideas? Contact our support team anytime at! We love hearing from you! 

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