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Gear & accessories to support your devices:

     Based on lots of feedback, we've developed a list of community suggested accessories to extend the life of your devices and make them easier to use & store! If you'd like to share a product that's working well for you, email us a link at!


    These devices will be well loved, so you'll want to make sure that they're also well protected. Our recommendation is a simple hard case with a kick stand for easy viewing. The most popular device with schools is the iPad mini, so the cases shown below are made to fit that iPad style. You'll want to make sure that you order cases that fit the devices you've purchased.

Simple Case:

     The link below would be a good example of a simple, hard case with a kick stand. (~ $15.00)


    Many schools also choose to go with the Otterbox. These are very hearty cases, although they can be a bit bulky, do not have a kick stand, and the outer shell can make taking photos difficult. (~ $80.00),default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=ipad-mini-cases

Hard Candy:

    Another popular choice is the Hard Candy case. These are hearty cases, as well, but do not include a kick stand, which can be helpful, especially in infant rooms. (~ $60.00)

Charging stations:
 Another important consideration is how you plan to charge all of these devices. Many schools choose to charge all of the devices in the front office, as this gives them a chance to look them over each day and keep them in a central location. There are some sleek high tech & crafty DIY low tech options, so choose what suits you best!

High Tech:

     Ergotron DM-16:  The Ergotron charges 16 devices and is in the $500-$600 price range. 

     Bretford iPad Sync Tray: The Sync Tray charges 10 iPads and costs roughly $1,200.00.


     Multidock: The Multidock charges 10 devices and costs roughly $700.00.


Low Tech:

     Dish Rack iPad Station: This idea weaves iPad cords and a surge protector through a standard dish rack to create a charging station for roughly 10 iPads. With proper planning, you could probably even mount this on the wall!

(Photo from Adair County High School) -

     Plastic Drawer Storage: This idea involves attaching surge protectors to the back of a set of plastic drawers & pulling the cords into the drawers. Each iPad can have its own cord in its own drawer!

(Photo from Brittany Matheison) -

    Mailbox iPad Storage: This idea feeds iPad charging cords through the back of a large mailbox.

(Photo by Kathy Cassidy) -

We love hearing from you! If you have feedback on these products or ideas for additions, email them to us at! 

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