Maintaining Name to Face Recognition

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2016 05:05PM EDT
As childcare professionals, you are entrusted to keep a careful eye on the whereabouts of children while they are in your care. Tadpoles aims to make this easy and intuitive by giving teachers the ability to move children from room to room and make a connection with each child's image in the process. 

 A great way to maintain your name to face ratio is by creating classrooms for locations around the building. Some examples of this would be creating a class for the toddler playground, the yoga classroom, the computer lab, the resource room, etc. You could even create a class for specialists who pull children out of the classroom. Creating these classrooms will help you in a couple of ways. Firstly, having teachers use their devices to move children to and from these locations will ensure that you're maintaining name to face recognition during any and all transitions. Additionally, you'll have a more accurate count of children in each room and around the building, which will help you from an attendance standpoint. 

I've highlighted the extra classrooms in green below as an example of what a director's dashboard would look like with all of these spare rooms added. 

How to set up extra rooms:

1) Log into your dashboard.
2) At the top, where it says, "Choose a classroom," click the green, "Add Class" button!

3) It will ask you to name the class and select an age group. Type in the name of your class & select, "Any age" for the child type. Click, "Create!"

4) That's it! You should see your new classroom pop right up on your dashboard!

Performing a name to face check:

Start on the roster screen of the device & click, "Actions" in the top right.

Choose, "Name to Face."

If there are teachers checked into the classroom, you'll be asked which staff member is completing the check. The teacher just taps their photo to continue.

The children's faces pop up - tapping a child's photo highlights their face with a circle. Tap on the children as you count them & then click, "Done" in the top right to finalize. That data will be available to administrators as soon as it uploads from the device, scroll down for details!


Viewing name to face checks on the dashboard:

1) Log into the dashboard & navigate to the, "Attendance" tab.
2) Locate the attendance panel on the right side of the screen.
3) Hover over a teacher/child's name to view movements & name to face checks.

You can also view a report of all checks completed in a classroom by going to the attendance tab of the dashboard and selecting the blue "reports" button shown in the image above.

Once you've opened the reports window, select "students" in the bottom left and then "name to faces" and a classroom to view the following grid.

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