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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 12:16PM EDT
Setting up the system to allow for parent PIN check-ins is super easy! Review the information below to learn about your options and determine how to best utilize the feature at your school.
Setting Up Parent Pin Codes:
Parents must be assigned a unique 4 digit number to use the parent sign-in.  The number will identify the parent, not the child, so each guardian who drops off/picks up should have their own.  
To add a PIN code, go to the web dashboard at and login.  Then click on the child and select, "Profile."  Then click on the parent and click, "Profile." You'll see this screen with the ability to enter the parent's PIN code.
Tip: The best technique we've seen for creating PIN codes is to use the last 4 digits of the guardian's mobile phone number, as opposed to asking 200 people what their favorite 4 number combo is! You might have a few that overlap, but those can be dealt with individually if they pop up.
System Setup:
Parents can sign their children into the building in one of two ways - either in the individual classroom, or at the whole school level, perhaps in the lobby/foyer when they first enter the school. Those options are broken down below.
Classroom check-ins:
Parents can sign their child in when they reach the classroom using the regular classroom iPad. The teacher/parent would just swipe within the app to the opening blue/purple box screen & push, "PIN." The parent can enter their PIN, check their kiddo in, and hand the device back to the teacher. 
Note: When parents sign their child in at the classroom level, the only children available to sign in would be children in that homeroom. To clarify, if a parent has two children, perhaps one infant and one toddler, they wouldn't be able to PIN them both in on the same iPad, as the pool of children is limited to children on that specific roster. 

Foyer check-ins:
Most centers choose to place a device in the foyer and ask parents to sign in there as they walk in the door. With this method, a parent could sign all of their children in at one time, regardless of the child's homeroom. When parents are signing children into school at the front door, the system can be set up two in different ways - whichever works best for you!

Traditional Method:
The first way would be for children to automatically be signed into their own classrooms when the parent uses their PIN to sign them in. This is the system default, so there's no additional set up. Go get 'em! 
Lobby Method:
The second option would be for children to be checked in by their parents and automatically go to a, "Lobby" classroom. The classroom teacher could then move them from the lobby to their homeroom to signify that they had not only been signed into school, but had also been safely delivered to their classroom. 
To set up the, "Lobby" method, all you need to do is add a classroom to your dashboard called, "Lobby." Mark that as an, "Any Age" classroom and you're all set!
Note: In order for this to function correctly, you need to be at the location level when the parents are using their PINs to sign in. So make sure that iPad is set to view the whole center, not just one classroom! To switch classes, swipe to the opening page (with the blue & purple boxes). Choose, "Change class" and select the first option, the gray box which signifies the whole school.

Locking the device:
When a number of parents will be signing their child in, in succession, you'll likely want to limit their access to tools within the app. When the PIN section is opened, you'll notice a, "Lock" button in the bottom right corner. Pressing that button will open a box which will ask you if you'd like to lock the device. If this device is in the foyer, or will be used for attendance without supervision, press "OK" to prevent parents from wandering around the app.
If someone attempts to force quit the app while locked into that PIN mode, the app will re-open into the locked PIN section. In order to leave the PIN section and gain access to the remainder of the Tadpoles Pro app, you will need to select "unlock," which will log you out of the application. An administrative user will need to log back into the device to return it to normal. 
Checking in & out:
Once you're all situated, checking in and out is easy! Just have the parent enter their 4 digit code and they'll be prompted with their child's photo and the ability to sign them in/out!
Recommended devices & accessories:
This is likely only a consideration if you're going for the foyer method, as the classroom devices are already there! For those foyer check-ins, there's no need to go out of your way and buy a super expensive device for this. If you have an iPod touch or an old iPhone laying around, that should work perfectly! There are many companies that make table mounts for those devices to keep them from walking away from you! MacLocks is a company that existing Tadpoles PIN users have recommended for quality mounts.
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